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Night at Buddy Night VISION - 1.0 - (Android)

DOWNLOAD Night at Buddy Night VISION - 1.0 - (Android) For Free

Survive Night at a hospital for mental. The mascot who has been seen moving is what you have to take care from. Your goal is to survive all five nights and make sure the electricity doesn't run out.

How to play:
Can you survive nights?
Firstly look at the screenshot to see the buttons.
Your level battery will run out! You need to survive as long as you can by making sure you close the lights and open the doors.
But be-aware, Buddy, is roaming around and if he gets near the door and if it is opened you will lose!
But if you close the doors all the time you will run out of battery and you will lose!
Use the Map and see where buddy is to see if you can open the door.

Night at Buddy NIGHT VISON FREE version have buddy trying to get you in the dark night.

DOWNLOAD Night at Buddy Night VISION - 1.0 - (Android) For Free

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