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Christmas granny run - 1.0 - (Android)

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Jingle bells jingle bells, christmas granny run is coming, this is a so cool running game, you will control the lovely Christmas Gingerbread man help soldiers to escape, to avoid all kinds of obstacles. Using grandma to help soldiers fled, to overcome the challenges. To avoid obstacles by jump and slide, this process is full of various challenges, test your reaction ability and hand brain coordination ability, on the road will encounter a variety of enemies, obstacles, and gully, missile, accidentally meet will lose the game at any time, of course, this also is a fun game, good luck!

Pay attention to the collection of coins, along the way, a certain amount of accumulation, will bring you into the illusion of time.

More powerful characters waiting for you to open it.

Vivid sound effects and realistic graphics.

There are wonderful daily tasks waiting for you to finish, the large number of rewards.

You can use the powerful props to help you easily and simply complete the challenge.

Beautiful and fantastic game map, attractive games reward.

Various accidental emergency, a lot of hidden plot and characters you to explore.

Continue to receive higher scores on the way, in the infinite road challenge yourself.

Run! Also, avoid obstacles, in order to survive, you can become the best player.

To overcome the hardships and obstacles on the road, use your wisdom to come with christmas granny run adventure!

This is very addictive christmas granny run is definitely a very different cool running game.

A lot of work has been done on the optimization are very good, but we will still welcome any comments and feedback.

DOWNLOAD Christmas granny run - 1.0 - (Android) For Free

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