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iDestroy War Kill & Shoot Bugs - 1.25 - (Android)

DOWNLOAD iDestroy War Kill & Shoot Bugs - 1.25 - (Android) For Free

Seputarsoftware - iDestroy is a FREE crazy action game where you shoot endless armies of bugs and insects crawling on your screen!
Shoot 40+ awesome guns! Shooting bugs never felt so satisfying!
1000+ Bugs to demolish! 40+ Weapons to destroy enemies!

Set them on fire with gasoline and a match
Use the flamethrower!
Use the sun's power with a magnifying glass - BURN!

Use airstrikes or set explosive traps to hit the bugs where it hurts.
Fire a minigun, plant a box of explosives on their heads and watch the carnage!
Use a Buzzsaw to cut them into pieces!
Use the freeze ray to first freeze and then smash them into ice cubes!

Nuclear attacks: Battle your way into the heart of the bug territory! Kill Insects on the battlefield with High-Explosive Mines and Nuclear Bombs!
Use Bombs & Rockets to blast the bugs back into the stone age!
Unleash a hailstorm of missiles on them!
? Be creative! Shoot bugs with Missiles, Gasoline, Mine bombs, Gun Towers, Poison baits & Laser Fences.
? Bloody warfare, Guns and bugs!
? Insane amount of blood!
? Hide high explosive mine traps, call in Airstrikes and declare war on the bugs!
? Shoot holes in your phone and fool others to think it’s broken!
? Blast Zombies with bombs and torture bugs with awesome war machines!
? Epic ant smashing game that relieves stress in no time with its endless gameplay.
iDestroy is the best bug shooter game you will find and the last shooter game you will need. It has the coolest guns, traps, poisons, freeze rays, shrink rays, rocket launchers, killer robots, you name it! With that many guns, you will never need another bug shooting game!
Enjoy the best bug war game! It has more guns and bugs than all the other bug shooter and killer games combined!
Enjoy killing bugs in interesting ways? Then this is the game for you! With lots of gore, blood and dozens of guns, iDestroy will not disappoint you. Get it now for free! Revel in ugly explosions and total destruction of all bugs at your hands!
Be the ultimate bug exterminator! Blast, Shoot, Burn, Bomb, DESTROY!

iDestroy is a simulation game where you destroy bugs endlessly!
In iDestroy you are the ultimate bug killer - so shoot the bloody bugs!

Get rid of your stress now, you deserve it!
??? DOWNLOAD iDestroy NOW FOR FREE ???

iDestroy is the best game for you if you like battleships, defense games, and gunner games!
iDestroy is an epic insect destroyer game, it's easy & keeps you entertained always!

Use the power of the elements, unleash a tesla coil powered lightning storm on them!
Place laser, machinegun, flamer or missile towers and watch them do their work for you!
Drop anvils on their head!
Bait them with poisoned apples!
Throw laser beam grenades, pull them into black holes with a magnet!

Choose from your own personal photos or just destroy your homescreen.

??? Various Bug VICTIMS ???
# Mosquitos
# Flies
# Bees
... and many more!

The game is totally free, free of cost, gratis! If you like destruction with blood and gore, this is the game for you!
So download & get rid of your stress, NOW!

DOWNLOAD iDestroy War Kill & Shoot Bugs - 1.25 - (Android) For Free

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