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Hero Factory - 1.01 - (Android)

DOWNLOAD Hero Factory - 1.01 - (Android) For Free

Seputarsoftware - ***Get 100 points to get +10 power!***
Before we begin, ask yourself:

- Are you prepared for what is behind that Factory gate?
- Are you willing to push beyond your limits?
Hero Factory - the world where heroes are not born but are made.

To be prepared for what lies behind that gate you must pass various tests to grow in power. Power that will make you ready for your journey ahead.
The tests are not easy and range from JUMPING across dangerous canyons to FLYING higher than the Mount Everest!
Ask yourself, do you have what it takes to be the ultimate hero?

If yes, then let's begin!

Your FIRST test: JUMP through endless canyons and gain vast amount of power. But be careful, you must learn to control your power! If you don't, then you will not succeed in this test.

The limit of your heroes power and jump distance is in your hands.

So what you waiting for?

Power up hard. Jump High. Gain Power.
NSGaming Studio note: we are currently in the process of making more heroes and more levels. Stay tuned!

DOWNLOAD Hero Factory - 1.01 - (Android) For Free

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