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Floaty Plane - 1.1 - (Android)

DOWNLOAD Floaty Plane - 1.1 - (Android) For Free

Seputarsoftware - Fly the diving paper plane as far as you can in this COMPLETELY UNIQUE addictive endless game!

Tap left and right to dodge the obstacles - each one you avoid gives you a point.

Bored of flappy games? This will tickle your tapping fingers again.

"11 platinum stars from me! There's nothing else out there like Floaty Plane" - Billy Big Cheese

"WahWoahWahWaaaa!!" - Some guy who just reached 324 points

"Have I been playing this for the last 3 hours?" - Mary McGamington


- Simple Controls
- Share with Friends
- Game Centre Support
- Leaderboard
- Achievements
- Funny Sounds
- Mega fun times

DOWNLOAD Floaty Plane - 1.1 - (Android) For Free

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