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Dragon Hunter: Sniper Shooter - 1.0 - (Android)

DOWNLOAD Dragon Hunter: Sniper Shooter - 1.0 - (Android) For Free

Seputarsoftware - Here come a day of attack. Beyond dinosaurs, dragons are monsters and the dangerous guards protecting the treasures. To own the treasure, you have to kill them. However, like dino, fighting dragon too close is not wise since they can burn you. As a sniper, your friendly weapon is rifle. Raise it up for the treasures and survival. Shoot them up!

???? How to Play ????
?? Find the target by using the gun sight. Tap the icon on the right
?? Shoot them one by one by tapping the gun icon
?? The left section of the screen shows your life energy and score
?? The score will be increase every time you can shoot the target

DOWNLOAD Dragon Hunter: Sniper Shooter - 1.0 - (Android) For Free

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