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Demong Hunter - 1.2.5 - (Android)

DOWNLOAD Demong Hunter - 1.2.5 - (Android) For Free

Seputarsoftware - [ Introduction ]

Demong hunter is focused on the funny of Hitting, shooting, and controlling,
and go to the deep dungeon after grow up your hunter by hit, defense, and fall down!!
Beat off the boss and gather the token of sanctuary!
Game what is short and thick then see the ending, is this really ending?
If you wonder ‘what is next?’, try Demong hunter!!
Then accomplish over 100 missions.

[ Features ]

Single game with ending such as short and thick playing.
No auto-play, but able to control!
Paid app is included the special package.

[ Contents of special package ]

Not display the advertizing.
Double gold and EXP rather than Free app.
Able to use the Devil hunter [Crow] & Boxer [J-Cob] from the beginning.

DOWNLOAD Demong Hunter - 1.2.5 - (Android) For Free

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