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Commando Counter Strike-2015 - 1.0 - (Android)

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Seputarsoftware - This mission targets all the soldiers and commandos
that are in the search of you and your assets.They
want to kill all your commandos and try to snatch your
all the assets as they are terrorist and heavy machine guns
with them.Try to protect yourself from these and one of
your army headquarter they have occupied and about to
destroy it ,So what are you waiting for.Common let's go
and kill all your enemies .
As you are a lone commando and you have not your army team
with you so you have to survive with your weapon system.
The weapon system has following weapons:
-Heavy Machine guns with limited bullets and having Reload
-Pistol with unlimited bullets .
-Rocket Launcher to destroy the enemies tanks.
The Graphics in this game are Reliable and attractive.
Kill all of them with machine gun but to destroy the
Tank use your Rocket Launcher.
Best of luck.

DOWNLOAD Commando Counter Strike-2015 - 1.0 - (Android) For Free

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