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Zombie Rush - 1.0 - (Android)

DOWNLOAD Zombie Rush - 1.0 - (Android) For Free
The smell of death lingers in the air...
Zombies have overrun Bangkok! You are surrounded!

Shoot your way through scary brain-hungry zombies, explore the city, and uncover dark secrets in this fast-paced shooter.
Make sure to collect lots of coins to afford bigger and better weapons, upgrades, and extras that will help you slaughter the pesky undead.
Never lose focus and always be prepared for the next zombie, so keep your awesome guns loaded at all times by collecting ammo boxes.

Survive this evil environment, fight for humanity, become the ultimate zombie antidote and claim your residential right to this city!
Once you get a taste for shooting these crazy rotten monsters, you will definitely comeback for more!

Your zombie apocalypse starts now!

? Cartoony zombie action game, where you will run, slide, jump, and shoot the evil undead

? Chase zombies through a familiar and landmark filled Bangkok at night

? Amazing 3D graphics and special effects for a fast-paced action game play

? Lots of explosions! And we mean big ones!

? Parkour-like stunts and movements from the playable characters

? Lots of different weapons, all with unique specialties to help you survive the apocalypse

? Hidden mini-game with lots of special bonuses

? Photo feature with the option to share your greatest stunts on Facebook

? Challenging and intense zombie boss battles
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If you have any problems with the game you can mail to support@arkavis.com

DOWNLOAD Zombie Rush - 1.0 - (Android) For Free

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