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traccar 2.11 (Apache License 2.0)

DOWNLOAD traccar 2.11 (Apache License 2.0) For Free
traccar traccar was created as an accessible, small and Open Source server for various GPS tracking devices.

traccar is a server that features support for many types of trackers. traccar is a server tool that's been developed with the help of the Java programming language.

Supported trackers:TK101TK102TK103TK201TK202TK203TK206GPS-103GL100GL200AVL-05AVL-08Mini MTGT30iGT60VT300VT310VT400PST-AVL01PT60PT300XPT30MVT340MVT380MVT600GT30GT30XMT80GT200GT300GT500DatamaxST210ST900ST910

DOWNLOAD traccar 2.11 (Apache License 2.0) For Free

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