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SetPoint 6.65.62 (Freeware)

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SetPoint SetPoint is designed as a solution for Logitech mouse and keyboard units that can help customize the devices so that they work according to the needs of the user. The installation routine is not the fastest one, especially since at one moment it needs to make some customization settings and the mouse and keyboard become inactive.

The looks of the application are intuitive and allow personalization of the mouse buttons. Users can swap the right and left-click buttons and assign a different function for the scroll button.

The list includes a sufficient amount of options to fit the needs of most users. Among the possibilities there are actions such as cutting, copying and pasting information, open the Charms menu on Windows 8 as well as accessing various parts of the operating system (Settings, Start Menu or the sharing panel).

Additional functionality included in the application refers to options relating to the pointer and scrolling action. As such, the user can increase or lower the pointer speed and enable trails as a visual effect or define the scrolling size.

Furthermore, there is the possibility to define settings that should kick in automatically when a game is detected. These enable the user to preserve the mouse acceleration and speed as well as the actions assigned for the left and right buttons.

Configuring the application is a simple task, but the developer included sufficient documentation in the product to make sure that all the questions are answered.

The product offers benefits mostly to owners of Logitech products but it also works with units from other vendors. It is easy to work with and the documentation available makes things crystal clear.

DOWNLOAD SetPoint 6.65.62 (Freeware) For Free

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