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Raketu - - (Windows)

DOWNLOAD Raketu - - (Windows) For Free
Raketu RakEM is a free software download that incorporates unique technology to deliver secure and private communications to consumers and businesses. Raketu's RakEM current release includes (www.raketu.com): Encrypted Communications - messaging - picture sharing - video sharing - file sharing - voice and voice calling - voice and video messaging - 5 way voice/video conferencing - dialing out to landlines and mobile phones - support for: computer-to-computer calling, computer-to-phone calling and phone-to-phone calling - support for SMS text messaging - support for file transfer Raketu works on mobiles and desktops over dialup and broadband, and Raketu does not use your computer resources for other users communications (NO SUPERNODES).

DOWNLOAD Raketu - - (Windows) For Free

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