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QiPress 1.060 (Freeware)

DOWNLOAD QiPress 1.060 (Freeware) For Free
A useful keyboard monitoring application that can show you the pressed keys, enabling you to fully control what the program displaysQiPress - QiPress runs in the system tray, enabling you to disable it using the right-click menu. QiPress is a simple utility that runs in the system tray and displays the keys you press on the screen, in a pop-up window.

What makes QiPress stand out from the crowd is the possibility to select the keys to monitor, meaning that the user is the one to control what the application displays.

No matter the key or the key combination you press, the application will display it on your desktop. The appearance of the pop-up window is fully customizable: users can change its background color, the text size and color, width and adjust the opacity.

Note: The free version can only be used in non-commercial environments. In order to get additional features and use the application with commercial purposes, you must upgrade to the Pro version (you can try out the Pro version for 240 seconds using the dedicated option in the application's tray menu).

DOWNLOAD QiPress 1.060 (Freeware) For Free

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