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Portable Xpert-Timer BASIC - 4.5.6 B976 - (Windows)

DOWNLOAD Portable Xpert-Timer BASIC - 4.5.6 B976 - (Windows) For Free
Xpert-Timer is multi-user compatible and can run on a SQLite, MS-SQL (Express also) or MySQL database. Most of our clients use this version of Xpert-Timer. Xpert-Timer Basic focuses on time tracking only. It includes the the To-Do list, the project history and the timetracking on projects.

Xpert-Timer Basic is the perfect project time tracking tool, if you want a simple way to track project based times. You can save timestamps for main projects or sub projects and assign project types to filter the information later. Print the reports and add them to your invoices for your clients. The report shows your clients exactly what you've done for how long. Perfect!

Xpert-Timer Basic is only available for Single Users. If you happen to need the invoice module, the client management or the document management, you have to purchase our Xpert-Timer Pro version.

DOWNLOAD Portable Xpert-Timer BASIC - 4.5.6 B976 - (Windows) For Free

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