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Portable CryptoPrevent 7.4.11 (Freeware)

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Portable CryptoPrevent - Portable CryptoPrevent is a simple to use application designed to scan your entire system and to apply security protocols Portable CryptoPrevent is a lightweight, yet capable application, that can create encryption protocols designed to prevent your computer from being infected with the CryptoLocker virus. The software can perform security checks and provide a protection shield for your system, against the specified malware. CryptoLocker is a malicious piece of code that is capable of encrypting files from your computer, then asking for “ransom” in order to allow decryption. Portable CryptoPrevent can easily build up certain security protocols that block applications from automatically installing themselves to specified locations.

The software is designed to block selected programs or program types from being installed on the computer, as well as monitor locations such as the AppData folder. AppData or temporary folders are favored by the CryptoLocker and other malicious copycat entities as a launching location.

Portable CryptoPrevent can offer you protection against fake file extensions and several other attacks stemming from trojan based malware. The software can create a multitude of policy rules and protocols that block malicious content, according to the level of security you wish to apply.

When opening the software for the first time, it automatically performs a check of the drives and certain folders. In such cases, the software can prompt you to add certain directories to a whitelist, meaning these locations are excepted from any future anti-malware policy. The software enables you to examine the event details and the rules that block applications, in a separate window. Moreover, the software can display all the errors it encounters in the activity log.

Portable CryptoPrevent specializes in blocking the CryptoLocker virus from infecting your computer, but it can prevent the activation of other malicious files as well. It can block applications downloaded from websites or temporarily extracted from archives. Moreover, it can protect folders such as AppData, UserProfile, ProgramData or the StartUp directory, where malware generally prefer to launch.

DOWNLOAD Portable CryptoPrevent 7.4.11 (Freeware) For Free

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