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Monster Truck - 1.23 - (Android)

DOWNLOAD Monster Truck - 1.23 - (Android) For Free
Monster Truck, challenge your driving skill and speed!
Driving your Monster Truck across a variety of scenes, Realistic physics based motorcycle game! Race your way Monster Truck across challenging levels.

Driving Monster Truck through a variety of scenes, you need to have a balance between speed and skill. If your skill is high enough, accelerate! Accelerate! Accelerate! Experiencing mayhem fun in this Motorbike driving game!

You can train your driving skill of moto game through play "Monster Truck", you can also experience the passion of speed. Rich scenes, anyone can be easy to get started.

You have both racing driving pleasure, also be able to enjoy the skills to bring the thrill, play it now!

DOWNLOAD Monster Truck - 1.23 - (Android) For Free

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