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Momindum Studio (Freeware)

DOWNLOAD Momindum Studio (Freeware) For Free
Momindum Studio - Within the main window of Momindum Studio you can add multiple media files and create presentations. Momindum Studio is an efficient software that provides users with the ability to easily create professionally-looking presentations.

Momindum Studio is user friendly and doesn't require any technical background thanks to its unique video indexing process!

With Momindum Studio you can easily share your knowledge in the form of presentations and e-learning courses!

Note: The software comes with two publishing methods: Free and Premium. For the Premium option you have a limit of 20 minutes - if you need more you have to pay.

Imports video, audio, PPTSynchronize video/audio with slide showsSynchronize presentation with: keywords, displayed documents, related documentsPublish on: Physical media, Internet/intranet, LMS/LCM, Mobile devicesK-Base & Deeptagging

DOWNLOAD Momindum Studio (Freeware) For Free

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