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lexiCan - 5.0.0 - (Windows)

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lexiCan is an innovative Knowledge Management Software that will enable you to establish an own individual knowledge network. With lexiCan you will be able to efficiently compile, structure and connect vast amounts of data in a way you could never imagined. This will able to transform the abstract information into personal knowledge.

lexiCan operates without complicated input masks and mandatory fields. This enables you to gain that flexibility that you want to have when compiling your data which you can supplement with images, charts, files and references.

This software can easily be serve user groups as a tool for organising their knowledge.

Individual knowledge management - simple and flexible
lexiCan is the ideal tool for all those individuals who cannot do without a structured knowledge management system.

Scientists organize their research projects with the help of lexiCan. Students use lexiCan to order their material collections, essays and gathering excerpts.

Project Managers compile handbooks and glossaries. Journalists, authors and other creative minds implement lexiCan for their concepts and gathering ideas as well as for the administration of excerpts. Consultants use it for the accumulation of data and information.

The software provides options for many potential users such as holidaymakers, music fans and the avid collector that require some form of archiving.

It is an essential tool for all those who collect and file and at the same time are always obtaining further information. One of the main features is the easy and intuitive handling that the software provides that starts with the way the knowledge is compiled.

Information that has been obtained from electronic sources can be conveniently copied from the clipboard into lexiCan without the format having to be changed. Articles form Wikipedia can be imported with just a mere click and may be edited without any other steps been taken.

Access your data quick and easy
One of the great features of lexiCan is the index function. All data is automatically filed alphabetical order under the term that you chose. At the same time you are creating your own personal index.

With the filter function established above the alphabetical index you will be able to access the exact data within the extensive knowledge database that you are searching for with a blink of an eye.

Organize and link knowledge
Another important feature of lexiCan is the segmentation function that enables multiple correlations. It is also possible to continue to create links between the data or files with hyperlinks which can be easily done with the help of your mouse.

The same applies equally to link options for web contents such as internet pages. One of the reasons that many users utilize lexiCan is to manage their bookmarks.

The lexiCan software offers the advantage that the bookmarks can be conveniently included in notes and are easily linked with other contents.

One-click website creation of your knowledge
lexiCan's outlook is that it has the intention not to be a dead end product. Therefore it is possible to use your data and information with lexiCan without any great difficulty.

In addition to this there is also the export option that will enable you to transfer it to Microsoft Word, HTML and HTML Help. It is possible for you to choose whether you want to export the whole data and information or only parts of it.

With the export option to HTML there is the possibility in next to no time to create Website in lexiCan, which you can make available online or provide access to it on every computer as a readable document.

DOWNLOAD lexiCan - 5.0.0 - (Windows) For Free

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