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Lash out on the Beast - 1.0 - (Android)

DOWNLOAD Lash out on the Beast - 1.0 - (Android) For Free
The Hulk! Who is he? Can green monster? Or ruthless killer! Oh no, here he probably just a victim. No hysteria and the power will not help him and save! Zakuy him in chains, and do whatever you want! Physicist who suffered severe radiation from the explosion of a bomb he created, because of which turned into a giant green monster is now in your hands, do not give him anything to destroy and break. But it is in the game Izbey Hulk he can not do anything to you. He will sustain all of your torture. Be courageous!
Fight with the strongest and win:
- A giant green monster now is not terrible;
- Tame and teach him a lesson;
- Capture and share the game with friends.

DOWNLOAD Lash out on the Beast - 1.0 - (Android) For Free

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