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Large Floor Mirror: One Stop Decorating Solution

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Since the first invention of mirror, people had been using it for many purpose. One of the purpose of mirror that is essential for our life is to see the reflection of ourself on it. It becomes the means to judge and decide how we look, whether our appearance is good or not, and even it’s used to practice our communication and public speaking skills so that our skill will be improved. When it comes to mirror, size does matters. Getting a small mirror will make you see the small portion of your face, but getting a large floor mirror will solve your problem and can make you see the whole portion of your body on it.

Not only useful for the purpose of self appearance, putting large floor mirror also can be a great decorations in your house. Just like you know, large mirror can create a reflection that can make small rooms appear larger. Therefore, putting a big floor mirror can be the solution of your small spaces. Just put them on the blank space near the wall, but you have to make sure that it will not slide down and may cause injury when someone stand near the mirror. Putting this mirror in a nice position can highly boost the comfort that you feel inside the house because it will not feel cramped in space.

But if you bored, you can also hang the large floor mirror on the wall. When you decided to do this, depending on the size of the mirror you can consider hang it with just a little bit of height on the walls. To ensure that you have the perfect position for the mirror, try to put it near the wall without getting screwed and support it with something to lift the mirror before you finally screwed it to the wall.

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