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Goozzee - 1.2 - (Windows)

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Goozzee's goal is to offer an easy-to-use knowledge management solution, suitable for small teams or companies. Unlike most existing knowledge management software, Goozzee's classification system isn't based on hierarchies or tags: it uses Topic Maps, which allow a much more advanced and flexible knowledge classification.

Goozzee is in fact a mix of the features of three kinds of applications:
Topic Maps authoring/browsing tools: Goozzee offers a very easy-to-use Topic Maps implementation, with topics, associations, occurrences (aka documents), roles, association types and scopes.
Wikis: Goozzee is NOT a wiki. But it fills the same need: fast and easy documentation creation, and easy links between pages.
In Goozzee, each topic can be compared to a Wiki page, where you can type your documentation and share it immediately with other users; the Topic window offers a real WYSIWYG text editor, so you don't even have to fight with some wiki syntax, and linking your topics together - or creating new ones - is a matter of a couple of seconds, using contextual menus or even drag'n drop.
Document Management Systems: Goozzee's Document Management functionnality is - and will remain - pretty simple. Any kind of document can be uploaded into the repository. Each document is assigned a scope and access rights, and can be linked to any number of topics. A check-in/check-out system is also implemented to prevent editing conflicts between users.
But Goozzee doesn't offer any workflow engine. And it probably never will.

DOWNLOAD Goozzee - 1.2 - (Windows) For Free

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