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Farbar Service Scanner 17.1.2014.0 (Freeware)

DOWNLOAD Farbar Service Scanner 17.1.2014.0 (Freeware) For Free
Farbar Service Scanner - Farbar Service Scanner is a handy tool that can diagnose your network connectivity problems Farbar Service Scanner is a straightforward and efficient piece of software aimed to provide you with the ability to determine if a faulty Windows service is to blame for your network connectivity troubles. As a standalone tool, it requires no installation prior to being used, which in return saves you the time otherwise necessary for this task, enabling you to run it as soon as you download it.

Similarly, Farbar Service Scanner can be placed and run from a USB stick or other such storage device, without it leaving a trace in your system’s registry.

For starters, you can choose from a list in the main window the services that you wish the application to look into, a default selection being made in the case of ‘RpcSs and PlugPlay’.

As for the others, specifically ‘Internet Services’, ‘Windows Firewall’, ‘System Restore’, ‘Security Center / Action Center’, ‘Windows Update’, ‘Windows Defender’ or ‘Other Services’, you can simply check their corresponding box in order for them to be analyzed.

Since certain malware infections affect your Windows services in such a way that they cause network connectivity problems, Farbar Service Scanner can prove essential in determining if this the cause of your troubles or if you need to look some place else.

Once the task is finalized, a log file will be displayed, indicating if your localhost, the Google IP or certain websites are accessible or not. It also informs if your your LAN is connected or not, the status of your Windows Updates and whether essential DLL files on your system are digitally signed or not.

In summary, Farbar Service Scanner is a practical and easy to use program that you can resort to if you suspect a malware infection may have damaged your Windows services in such a way that you are unable to connect to your network.

DOWNLOAD Farbar Service Scanner 17.1.2014.0 (Freeware) For Free

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