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Diverse Block Survival Game - C-1 - (Android)

DOWNLOAD Diverse Block Survival Game - C-1 - (Android) For Free
Enjoy The Diverse Block Survival Games a free First Person Shooter that will challenge your skills and help you to become a master of the block survival world.

Enter a dystopian world where a totalitarian government is hatching Machiavellian plots by the so called New Intelligence who have made an illegal alliance. Play as the hero of an explosive solo campaign where officials are covering up the truth about the dangers of guns, and the freedom of thought and religion have been all but been banned of the civilian population.

In order to bring you the best experience possible, some levels are HUGE and will take a while to load… Don’t blame us with a one star review, it is a free game, and we wanted to pack as much fun into it as we could!

**** YOUR MISSION ****
The world is immersed in war and the fight for victory has begun, but to conquer, you must navigate the dangers of the armed enemies who tote high grade military weaponry and shoot without a thought. It is up to you to protect the innocent and destroy those who have brain washed the foot soldiers to obey commands without question of authority. Utilize your skills against the terrorist foes in this 3D block world style first person shooter game.

Battle your way through the edge of survival in a challenging life and death struggle as you navigate enemy territory and face aggressive mobs. Uncover hidden weapons to add to your artillery as you move through stunning retro-styled pixel-art graphics. The dramatic intensity of this undertaking is an adventure like no other as you struggle in the fight for victory to save the population before they are annihilated by the snipers and assault riffles of the enemy.

See and feel the action while you bring down this conspiracy from the inside. As the last guardian unaffected by the new world lies, it is up to you to be the hero that your people need you to be.

Addictive game play and epic three dimensional graphics make this game difficult to put down. Encounter stunning levels as you battle against through this world while choosing from among twelve weapons you will collect as you play. If you are a fan of free action games and are an RPG and FPS enthusiast, this is the game for you. Awesome HD graphics carry throughout in this immersive tablet and android game play.

Stunning Levels
12 Different Weapons
Melee and FPS RPG mode
CrossBow, Uzi, Sniper Rifles and more

**** DISCLAIMER ****
This amazing world craft style game isn't associated with any other pixelated games, nor does it use any textures, skins, fonts, characters or any other assets from anyone else. It does however use Cubes and Block Style Graphics... Fortunately no one has trademarked the use of basic geometric Pixel shapes yet!

DOWNLOAD Diverse Block Survival Game - C-1 - (Android) For Free

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