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Brave Pistols 3D - 2 - (Android)

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Brave Pistols squad is ready for new sniper missions! Become a part of the indestructible, all-pervading, invincible subdivision of silent snipers. Here is your new assignment: identify and eliminate all targets. Take no prisoners. Show no mercy to the enemy. Pull the trigger with a steady hand.
HOW TO PLAY Brave Pistols 3D:

Eliminate all enemies in the area. Anticipate every step they make. Don't let them get close to you. Be as silent as a shadow, as undetectable as a ghost, and as pitiless as a natural disaster. Enemies are numerous, but you are stronger. Why? Because you can stop the Time. Just tap the button to make all enemies freeze for a moment.
Use the joystick to control you sniper. Swipe to the left or right to avoid other snipers' shots. Tap to zoom in and make an aimed shot. Enjoy your triumph!
Visit our shop and acquire new abilities; gain points to unlock new items and become stronger.
Brave Pistols 3D features:

* Breath-taking plot: deal with endless military attacks;
* Amazing kill moments: kill several enemies with a single shot;
* Razor-sharp 3D graphics;
* Realistic 1st person view;
* Enjoy in-app purchases and grow stronger;
* Complete special night level.
Brave Pistols 3D ? bring victory to your special military unit!

DOWNLOAD Brave Pistols 3D - 2 - (Android) For Free

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