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Bleep 1.0.5494.39399 Alpha (Freeware)

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Bleep - The main window of Bleep allows you to send and receive messages from friends Bleep is a lightweight and very easy to handle piece of software design to function as a chat client, which you can use whenever you want to exchange information with close ones, without the fear of being monitored or having your privacy invaded. After the installation process, you can create an account using a valid email address or a phone number, along with a username, in order to make it easier for friends to find you.

Nonetheless, Bleep also offers an ‘Incognito’ mode, where you can remain anonymous and provide no personal information about yourself. Connecting with friends will be made via a QR code or a public key.

After having connected to Bleep, you can begin adding friends so you can start chatting with them. The utility provides you with the option of importing your address book from your Google account.

However, this can also be done either by inputting the phone number or email address that your friends registered with, or by entering their unique public key; each person needs to confirm the addition before you are able to communicate with them.

Your contacts will be organized in ‘Offline’ and ‘Online’ groups, with no possibility of categorizing them in a different manner. You can then start a conversation with someone, by writing messages and hitting the ‘Send’ button, for the other person to receive it. However, file transfers or picture swapping are not available.

Moreover, Bleep allows you to make voice calls, just by pressing the phone icon in the conversation window of the targeted friend, with the option to hang up at any moment.

Since Bleep functions in peer-to-peer mode, the information transmitted between people is never stored on any servers, nor is it viewable by anyone other than yourself. Consequently, this makes you less susceptible to privacy invasions or attacks.

Furthermore, each message is encrypted and only kept on your own device, but this too can be removed with a simple button press, from the ’Delete History’ section of the settings.

To conclude, Bleep is an interesting and reliable instant messaging instrument that can help you guard your privacy in the online environment, even when communicating with friends and colleagues, by permitting ‘Incognito’ access and not storing your data on any device other than you own.

DOWNLOAD Bleep 1.0.5494.39399 Alpha (Freeware) For Free

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