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Archerific: The Practice - 1.2 / Android

DOWNLOAD Archerific: The Practice - 1.2 / Android For Free
Cross Platform online 1 on 1 Multiplayer support. Have an android smart watch? Good receive multiplayer request and jump right into a session at anytime.

Welcome to the world of Archery, well the digital world anyway. Use your arrows in Arcade Mode to hit as many targets as you can, shoot down birds, bulls-eyes and others in style.
Clear each wave to progress. Shoot your targets to rank up for the online leader board.

Your bow is equipped with lightning, fire, laser sights, and modified wind resistant arrows.
Unlock these features by consistently hitting your targets. Cut, chop & slice your targets in half.

When your done with Arcade Mode, engage in the Multiplayer Mode where you'll get to square off in one on one score attack matches against anyone in the world. Multiplayer Mode has a unique ranking system in which players will be able to see who is #1. Start off as a Student and rank all the way up to a Gym Leader. Being a Gym Leader will give you a slight advantage in a dual but be warned if you lose a match you will be stripped of your title.

DOWNLOAD Archerific: The Practice - 1.2 / Android For Free

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