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Air Defenders 2014 - 1.1 / Android

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Defend your homeland. Enemy has infiltrated paratroopers into your territory. Your mission is to catch as many paratroopers as you can. Protect yourself from enemy fired missiles and avoid collision with city skyscrapers.

Tilt your device left and right to maneuver the aircraft. For best response of the aircraft, calibrate your device using this game's Calibrate Menu Button.

The game contains high score sharing feature which enables you to share your high score through Facebook, Twitter & other social networks. Application also displays Top Ten Global High Scores from players all around the world, so you can show your skills and grab a position in Top Ten players as well as competing with your friends and other players.

To share you score on social networks and participating in Global High Scores, it is necessary to log in using your Facebook, Gmail, Swarm or Twitter ID.

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DOWNLOAD Air Defenders 2014 - 1.1 / Android For Free

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