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Xmas Smashing - 1.0 / Android

DOWNLOAD Xmas Smashing - 1.0 / Android For Free
On this Christmas not miss the chance to make it bit more special and full of joy by playing Xmas Smashing. The famous ant smashing game in Christmas theme is must have for the coming Christmas that insure you not to get bored along with your children.

We bet that you will definitely enjoy our Christmas Ant Smasher. Awesome animations and HD graphics in Xmas theme will enhance your interest. Xmas Smashing is for all ages with three different skills that includes kids, classic and advance levels. Additionally to proof your smashing skills now you can compete against your friends and globally .

How to play ? -- Simply smash all the ants and don't let them go to the bottom near fruits, shakes and juices. But be careful not to smash the bee even a once.

DOWNLOAD Xmas Smashing - 1.0 / Android For Free

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