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The Falling Dead - 1.0.1 / Android

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Outbreak alert: Don’t be fooled by their cuteness, these carnivorous critters would love to take a bite out of you; now it’s time to fight back. Only a well placed head shot with a tap of your finger will destroy the undead.

The Falling dead is a fast paced, Zombie survival, arcade shooter with the aim to conserve limited ammo and survive the zombie horde for as long as you can before becoming overrun. Shoot, stab, set fire and explode your way to survival by defeating ever increasing numbers of Zombies with whatever weapons of mass Zombie destruction you can lay your hands on.

How to play
* Simply tap the Zombies heads to splat their multi-coloured brains all over 10 different environments - it’s like painting with technicolor blood and guts.
* Survive long enough for special power up supply drops, but use them wisely!
* Conserve your ammo, plan your strategy, you start with just 15 bullets against an overwhelming horde of thousands of Zombies.

* No lives, no continues.
* The more damage per second you can cause the longer you will survive
* Beat your record time and challenge your friends.
* 5 breeds of brain munching Zombie ‘fallers’ for you to deal with.
* Amazing visuals and laugh out loud comedy cartoon violence.
* Test your reactions with a never ending supply of The Falling Dead
* Intense, frantic, edge of your seat action, just don’t fall off or you will be neck deep in Zombies!
* The perfect time waster, waste Zombies while you are sitting, standing or out and about walking, it’s dead good.

DOWNLOAD The Falling Dead - 1.0.1 / Android For Free

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