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Soccer Physics - 1.0 / Android

DOWNLOAD Soccer Physics - 1.0 / Android For Free
This is an interesting soccer fighting game. The difference from other football games is that, dobe football gives up all the rules and limits of the traditional football game, you could fight with others completely according to your preference. You could use you hands, your feets, or any other parts of your body to touch the ball, and touch the opponents. You can hit your opponents by fist, legs, head, fliping or jumping. In here, you may doubt that there is no earth gravity, even find that the ball you play with is not a football, but a basketball. In a word, Dobe football is such a wonderful game, it may opens your eyes, but only you could get fun from it, it is enough, right? Rules, constraints, all roll side.

The rules and operation of the game are very simple, you only need to click the screen continually, and the little football will start to move, you could get one score once the football runs into the net. Who get 6 scrores first win the game.

There is not only single mode, but also two players mode, invite your friends and play together quickly.

DOWNLOAD Soccer Physics - 1.0 / Android For Free

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