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Resident Zombies - 1.0.2 / Android

DOWNLOAD Resident Zombies - 1.0.2 / Android For Free
You are trapped between the evils land. The only way to survive is just kill, kill and kill. The evils are very fast and blood thirsty. Move fast and kill them before they kill you.
Resident Zombies The Trap is an exclusive game on android with loads of excellent features.

Game Features:

Fantastic Cutting Edge Graphics
Excellent Sound effects and background music (Thanks to www.grsites.com, www.freesfx.co.uk, audionautix.com)
Exclusive Helicopter Game view (Play view)
Six different weapons to choose (Complete the levels and earn XP to unlock weapons)
In game power-ups – Health Pups (Level 3 Onward), Bomb Pups (Level 5 Onward), Beam Pups (Level 10 Onward)
More than 100 levels to beat.

DOWNLOAD Resident Zombies - 1.0.2 / Android For Free

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