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Release The Hounds - 1.0 / Android

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Looks like you have stumbled into the Crowley Estate, run by an insane Lord and haunted by centuries of evil. The good news is there are plenty of riches inside to be won if you are able take on the challenges and outrun the dogs.

Fields of scarecrows lie ahead... The asylum patients are delusional and dangerous... The dolls in the nursery won’t keep you safe at night... Rats are rife in the lab... The clowns aren't here to make you laugh.

Run through the woods in the dead of night to collect coins.
Avoid obstacles by swiping left and right, jumping and sliding.
Bank your coins by escaping the hounds in the Dog Run.
Spend your coins in The Shed on boosters to help you progress.
Run levels 1-4 of each area and outrun the hounds with 3,000 coins to unlock the next gruesome challenge.

Can you escape the hounds? Or will you end up as dog food?

For the first time, you can visit the world of the hit horror television show ‘Release The Hounds’ and experience the heart stopping fear, the excruciating excitement and what it feels like to run against the hounds. Do you have what it takes to get out alive?

DOWNLOAD Release The Hounds - 1.0 / Android For Free

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