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Prison Shooting; Killer Fury - 1.0 / Android

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Prison Shooting :Killer Fury brings you the best of 3D FPS (First Person Shooter) action games. The game provides 3D rendered graphics, stunning effects, awesome sound tracks, amazing controls and an interesting story line. In this Mission the commando shooter is assigned a special task to rescue other hostages imprisoned in a military cell. . You are fully equipped for your mission with modern weapons and needs a single kill shot to destroy a marine soldier. You are going to attack on a horde of veteran marines, there are multiple objectives which you have to achieve but the prime objective is to rescue the hostages.
Prison Shooting: Killer Fury is the story of a furious commando made hostages by the opponent army in their base. You are a contract killer and hired by the military to rescue their hostages in the enemy base. But as you entered the base you are also imprisoned in the army cell. You are imprisoned in a separate cell from your friends but somehow you managed to kill the guard and take his gun. Now you have to kill the enemies in your vicinity and free the hostages. Get ready, the time calls for your duty and skills the shooter is already expert in.
Game Play:
The mesmerizing game play of the adventure on a huge horde of marines in the base and aiming at you to stop achieving you from your objective. You are provided with limited health and ammo but you can find ammo boxes and health packs in the game play. Prison Shooting: Killer Fury brings you a prison break and hostage rescue adventure in an army base. The furious commando is expert in shooting enemies and kill them in a single shot. As the game starts you are in the prison, the furious killer take the weapon from guard and kill him. Now you have to go through multiple levels gradually becoming difficult to rescue other hostages of your military and then escape from the enemy cells. Get ready for a furious commando action, break the army cells and plan your escape. Go with strategy and planning to complete your contract.

Prison Shooting: Killer Fury offers you:
• Realistic FPS (First Person Shooter) Controller
• Mesmerizing 3D Characters
• Military camp Environment
• Modern weapon for shooter
• Radar vision
• Well-built storyline
• Difficult addictive spec ops
• Enemy characters with unique attack, defence characteristics and AI-
• Efficient weapon controls & movement
• Well-built storyline
How to play:
- Touch and drag on left side of the screen to move your player
- Touch and drag on left side of the screen to aim your shooting weapon
- Tap the fire button on the right side of the to shoot
- Use the scope button to aim closer

DOWNLOAD Prison Shooting; Killer Fury - 1.0 / Android For Free

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