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PlayingMondo - 41 / Android

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Play exciting location based games on your mobile phone on a virtual playground near you. Fight the virtual boxer, using Nintendo Wii-like functionality directly in your phone, or catch the thief, before he steals your money. It’s great fun, and there are many game possibilities with PlayingMondo on your mobile.

On www.playingmondo.com, you’ll find game activities nearby, find fellow players and plan games. You can also create clubs, share game experiences, see stats and high scores or challenge a friend in a game.

It’s easy to get started:
1. Install application.
2. Sign up as new PlayingMondo user.
3. Log in on mobile and play on virtual playground near you.

By upgrading to Builder version you can also create games yourself, which you can share or even sell to others.

PlayingMondo changes the physical settings of your neighborhood – nature and urban space – into a scene of intriguing experiences driven by GPS and mobile technology. Mouse movements in the PC/Internet game are replaced by physical movements in the fascinating story world of the games.

DOWNLOAD PlayingMondo - 41 / Android For Free

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