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P-Zero: Escape - 2.0 / Android

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Platform Zero: Escape

P-ZERO is a 2D game that brings to you a survivor rpg style. You must try to find the exit and reach it overcoming some obstacles, with few resources. As obstacles there are differents kinds of monsters and the way blocked by faulty devices or devices that need some item or other device to be operable and so let you continue your way.
Game Plot:
Year 2050. The humanity own all the space. The Earth is not used as habitation anymore, being only a raw-material generator to the construction and maintenance of the space platforms, which are divided into groups: Habitation, Merchant, Government, Military and Research. Among the research's platforms, there is the called Platform Zero, that is highly secret and is at an isolated place in the galaxy. In this platform are made highly dangerous biological researchs. One day, some government officials arrived at the platform to verify the research's state and an accident occurs. The Omicron Squad, in charge of the security, could not control the situation and almost everyone died. The young Alex Furt of the Omicron Squad managed to survive, but is still in the platform. Now, he have to escape.

DOWNLOAD P-Zero: Escape - 2.0 / Android For Free

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