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Mountain Sniper Shooter 3D - 1.2 / Android

DOWNLOAD Mountain Sniper Shooter 3D - 1.2 / Android For Free
Kill the enemy across the mountains in this first person action packed 3d sniper game. Spot their undercover basecamp, aim & shoot the enemy (commander). Fight the battle like a modern sniper hero.
Kill your enemies as a professional contract killer, take your first shot carefully, explode their entire bases, army tanks or take out the single target with your assault rifle. Your duty is to kill the enemy alone without any sniper squad. Be careful because the enemies is watching from towers to their landing zones.

Story Line?
The commando squad is ready to take off in the helicopter from their army base. You as a best assassin sniper has located this basecamp and have called for urgent air strike but waiting for the air strike can give enough time to the enemy to escape. It’s an urgent war mission. Bring down the enemy. Aim for the approaching target and pull the trigger without any hesitation. Don’t get afraid for the wildfire gunshots. Headshot would definitely be an added advantage. Before firing your first shot, assess the situation first. The moment you fire it, your gunshot will be heard & enemy would get to know about your presence. Use your limited ammo wisely and assassinate the enemy before he get a chance to aim at you.

• Aim at the enemy from a distance.?
• Realistic stunning 3D graphics
• keep an eye on helicopter & tank
• Laser dot aim for closer encounters
How to play?
• Touch & move the screen to aim the enemy
• The enemy will not attack you until you fire your first shot
• Use the scope to aim the enemy from far distance?
• Use fire button to shoot?
• The guns reloads automatically?
• Zoom in to finish off the enemy and then zoom out

DOWNLOAD Mountain Sniper Shooter 3D - 1.2 / Android For Free

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