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Lucas Maker as Mario Maker - 1.0.1 / Android

DOWNLOAD Lucas Maker as Mario Maker - 1.0.1 / Android For Free
With Lucas Maker, become a game map creator.
Create, publish your map game and challenge your friends.

With Lucas Maker you can simply enjoy playing on a great adventure games.
Lucas is not an Italian plumber like Mario but an Italian postman having adventures when delivering letters.
He must deliver all mails as fast as possible while escaping multiple dangers (like dogs, sharps), jumping on walls, shooting on balls and collecting coins.

But the most innovative with Lucas maker is not only you can enjoy playing in already created game maps like other adventure game but you can also:
Ø Create your own game maps by simply dragging and dropping on a blank map an unlimited combination of items chosen among 20 items (wall, tree, dog, Lucas, house, ball, coins….)

Ø Publish your map online

Ø Compete with your friend on map you have created

Ø Rate all maps uploaded

Ø Compare your map with others map creator

You can create a simple map in few minutes or spent hours to create the most complex one. You’re creativity as no limit.

Who is the best postman?
Who is the best game map creator?

Enjoy :-)

DOWNLOAD Lucas Maker as Mario Maker - 1.0.1 / Android For Free

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