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Gargoyle clash - Hero Fighter - 1.0 / Android

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This Clash of gargoyle - hero fighter is the latest release in the gargoyle series, and probably the best so far.
The king of fighters is back, this time in an apocalypse threatening to destroy life on earth as we know it .

As oppose to other rumble fighter campaign in king of fighters , this time you get to play the bad guy, or the bad gargoyle to be precise.
The clash of gargoyle - hero fighter is a death match between the gargoyles and earth defense forces.

The gargoyle king of fighters , is a fire demon that was born in hell, and is in a constant conflict between good and evil. When a gargoyle decides to take the evil side, there is no telling what will happen .

this gargoyle attack is an amazing war against fighter jets that were sent to defend the most important cities like New York , Paris and London.

Do you know what a gargoyle is ?
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become an demonic beast, on a quest of war and destroction .
Do you feel fighting against the good guys for a change ?
Well on Clash Of Gargoyle , you will get that chance .

Clash Of Gargoyle hero fighter is an amazing 3D rumble fighter adventure.
A war between good and evil. Only this time , you get the chance to play the bad guys .
You will choose one of the amazing HD gargoyles , and release your rage on the humans .
Attack their cities , destroy their world .

Don't think it will be that easy for the kind of fighters.
The Humans are not weak .
They have sent their best air forces to shoot you down.
They are equiped with the best technologies on earth, and they will not go without a fight .

Your evil gargoyle rumble fighter army is also equiped with massive fire power .
Use the fire balls to destroy the enemy units ,
And if the fire balls are not enough , use the blue gargoyles unlimited plasma bombs .

Clash Of Gargoyle - hero fighter introduces amazing features, especially for a free war game like that .
Some of the features are :
* Amazing sound
* Great 3D Graphics
* Fun Gameplay
* Unbelivable fun .

In Clash Of Gargoyles king of fighters, you will be the evil monster that wants to destroy earth.
You will destroy earth .
Good luck , evil gargoyle

DOWNLOAD Gargoyle clash - Hero Fighter - 1.0 / Android For Free

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