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Fugu Bowl - 3.26 / Android

DOWNLOAD Fugu Bowl - 3.26 / Android For Free
Push the bowling ball by swiping the screen. Go for a strike!

If you like this style of bowling, check out the complete HyperBowl and HyperBowl Pro games on the Android Market.

This minimalistic bowling game was a prototype for the control scheme used for the iOS and Android versions of HyperBowl and was created with the Unity game engine and Unity demo assets, the MacXWare Font Library, AdMob plugin from Prime31 Studios, Transitions Manager from DFT Games, Localization Package from M2H Game Studio. The Fugu Games and Technicat logos were created by Shane Nakamura Designs.

This app runs on devices running ARMv7 processors and compatible with the Unity game engine.

Visit us on http://fugugames.com/ and http://facebook.com/fugugames for more games and the latest news.

DOWNLOAD Fugu Bowl - 3.26 / Android For Free

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