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Five Nights of Frights free - 1.6 / Android

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CRASHING??? try updating your version of android, Android 2.2–2.2.3 Froyo (API level 8) is causing crashes
so is android version 4.1

we recommend at least a 1Gig RAM and 1 GHz dual-core CPU, devices with 512mb RAM my not work, older devices or lower end may have the same issue

Dark Carnival Games Studio

five nights of frights is a fast paced horror game,

you are a ghost hunter, exploring an abandoned asylum, you want to uncover the mysteries that lay inside frights asylum,

plenty of secrets to be found,

zombies, ghosts, hell hounds, spend 5 nights at frights asylum, discover the fates of those who entered before you, the asylum was a sickly place, and the souls that now dwell there are not please by your presence

so hold tight, and prepare to crap your pants

dont forget, have fun :)
inside Frights Asylum live some zombies and other entities
your goal is to survive until 6AM for 5 nights,
you can use your computer to access the security cameras to see where they are,
you can swipe left and right while the cameras are not on,
when an enemy is close you will see a warning symbol appear
you can raise your doors to keep them out, this will keep you safe but will use your power supply
you only have a limited supply of power
if its dark you can turn on lights, but again this will use power
if you run out of power you will have a power failure
when you have no power, you cannot use the cameras, you cannot close the doors, you cannot turn on the lights,
if you have no power left all you can do is hope that the enemies donot enter your room
if the enemies enter your room you will be killed, and return to the start screen

DOWNLOAD Five Nights of Frights free - 1.6 / Android For Free

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