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EBOLA : The Game - 1.0020 / Android

DOWNLOAD EBOLA : The Game - 1.0020 / Android For Free
Destroy the EBOLA!!!

EBOLA: The Game is an FREE EPIC side shooter that delivers crisp graphics accompanied with exciting and fresh gameplay to keep the user on edge of their seats!! Waves of EBOLA are taking over and it's Mr. Needle's job to exterminate them with the cure! Perfectly timed shots is crucial to Mr. Needles survival.

Features include:
-Hand crafted environments with vibrant colors!
-Exhilarating , yet fun game play that is easy to master!
-In Game Shop to spend currency you earn IN GAME!
-A High score per level!
-High resolution assets to bring the game to life!
-Tablet supported! (Tested on Samsung Tab 2 (2012 tablet)!
-In-App coin store for users who want to fund future development! (You can earn whats purchasable IN-GAME!)

Did I mention? FREE DLC Updates that include more battlegrounds and features!

PHONE REQUIREMENTS: Due to the nature of the game play, I recommend LATE 2013- Early 2014 phones (Adreno 330 GPU with a Multi-core processor) to have the best game-play experience, the minimum is an S4 or an equivalent but be aware, there MIGHT be FPS drops more frequently when low end devices like the S4 are used.

Message from the creator:
Thank you so much for viewing this page, I am the founder and the creator of Unforseen Entertainment, I had two principles when I created this game, Quality and Fun. I hope when you play this game, you will have an enjoyable game experience as the game was built from the ground up on day one using Quality and Fun as the standards.

To remain dedicated to this commitment, Game-play with currency rewards for doing well! Two beautiful maps requiring a different approach for each one, more maps are being built as we speak.

There will be more maps to this game via free patches (No store "DLC"). Please use the IN-APP coin store to fund future development and 5 star the game! If anyone has any problems/ suggestions for the game, please email me and I will get back to you ASAP.
FPS dropping troubleshooting
*Turn off 4X MSAA (if you enabled DEVELOPER OPTIONS, if not, just ignore as its not enabled by default)
*Check if your phone meets the recommended requirements (Adreno 330 GPU with a Multi-core CPU) if you have any GPU/CPU below that, there is a higher chance of FPS drops or game-play issues.

DOWNLOAD EBOLA : The Game - 1.0020 / Android For Free

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