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Duck Hunt Reloaded - 1.1 / Android

DOWNLOAD Duck Hunt Reloaded - 1.1 / Android For Free
Duck Hunt Reloaded is a very simple and intuitive duck shooting game that offer appealing futuristic graphics. You are in the space and you are an hunter on an unknown planet, your robot duck hunting has just begun. Kill all the ducks, and try to reach higher and higher scores. Ducks will always go faster and killing the duck will be more and more difficult.
Duck Hunt Reloaded is a game that you never get bored, with its fun gameplay and beautiful innovative graphics.
Compare your score with Google leaderboard and find out who is the best duck hunter.

Features of Duck Hunt Reloaded:

- Touch screen control
- Accelerometer control
- Futuristic and innovative gameplay
- Addictive gameplay
- 100% free game
- Google leaderboard

Download Duck Hunt Reloaded from Google play and start the hunt!!!
You love your duck hunter experience? Please leave your comments and thoughts. Your feedback is much appreciated!!!

DOWNLOAD Duck Hunt Reloaded - 1.1 / Android For Free

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