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Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break - 10 / Android

DOWNLOAD Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break - 10 / Android For Free
Integrate yourself into a world of high stakes deception and heart pumping action when you download, Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break. It's time to run, shoot and dodge fellow inmates and vicious prison guards. Feel the danger as you blast through three intense FPS landscapes and enjoy amazing 3D graphics and pixel game animations. Download for FREE today and experience a classic block game for the ages.

In order to bring you the most epically awesome immersive game play ever, we created levels that are HUGE! Because of this, load time can often take awhile…

Rate kindly! Please don't penalize us with a one-star review, after all, this is a FREE game and we just wanted to ensure it was fully loaded with as much action packed shooter fun as we could fit in.
The Underbelly of the Justice System...
Due to a political conspiracy, an innocent man has been locked away behind bars at a super-max penitentiary, his termination imminent. He insists he's innocent, but there is not the proof or ounce human-compassion to support his claim. This man, is you.

Meanwhile, his absence from the capitol has opened up the seat to a demonical politician whose corrupt beliefs have the capability of upturning a nation.

Time is of the Essence...
It's time to take drastic measures and claim your own freedom and prove your innocence before the government is overtaken by double crossing politicians and the nation as you know it is turned upside-down.

Think Strategically, Fight for Survival...
When the time is right, you make a break for it, knowing the inner workings of the system. Understanding this will be no easy task, but an exhausting feat of brute and intelligence, you begin the fight for your life.

Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break is a challenging first person shooter action game that is a thrill a minute experience. From the collection of hidden melee and firearm weapons and the scattering of helpful pickups to the mobs of savage enemies and the tricky landscapes, this game is ripe with intense play. Enjoy intuitive controls and massive levels that boast dangerous battles that will require quick thinking and fast reflexes. Fight your way against dozens of foes and take control over the justice system as you battle your way to freedom. The fight starts now.

-Hidden melee & firearm weapons
-Collect health and ammo pickups as you navigate the worlds
-Prepare for enemies to increase as levels progress while pickups decrease
-Score slow and mega speed pickups
-Entity map with explosive aerial views of oncoming enemies
-Choose from a variety of weapons or duke it out hand-to-hand
-Three expansive prison levels to explore
**** DISCLAIMER ****

Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break isn't associated with Survivalcraft or Minecraft. It does not use any textures or skins associated with the Minecraft games. You won't see Steve, Creepers, Enderman or any other Minecraft characters lurking around either. This game is awesome enough on its own and boasts awesome immersive landscape that pits you against devastating enemies, all while surrounded by the 3D action of these beloved basic geometric pixel shapes!

DOWNLOAD Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break - 10 / Android For Free

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