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Cat & Stick - 1.0.3 / Android

DOWNLOAD Cat & Stick - 1.0.3 / Android For Free
Cat and Stick, a funny game from ME Corp.

Here come the story of the cats.

With simple game art, adicted gameplay, you will have to use your personal skills to help the cat crossing as much hole as possible. And remember to share with your friends, challenge them to break your high score.

Easy to play, but hard to master. Spend your relax time and enjoy the game.


Hãy t?n hu?ng nh?ng phút giây thu giãn v?i Cat & Stick, game có d? ho? don gi?n nhung vô cùng thu hút.

Gameplay don gi?n, d? choi nhung d? gây nghi?n. Nút "chia s?" giúp b?n tho?i mái khoe thành tích c?a mình v?i b?n bè qua m?ng xã h?i.

Tham gia ngay.

DOWNLOAD Cat & Stick - 1.0.3 / Android For Free

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