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War Of Fighter:Storm Blitz - 1.11 / Android

DOWNLOAD War Of Fighter:Storm Blitz - 1.11 / Android For Free
History Background:

Anno Domini 2050,In July 2,
Mankind will never forget this day,
Alien spaceship began to attack the Earth, as clash between different clans,at the moment, humans have suffered a huge blow and disaster.
Dash it all,At this time ...The Human is preparing for a showdown with Enemy,Make a plan call Storm Blitz.
I've heard a whisper that priority summoners powerful fighters play Game of War.
They call killer sniper for contract,give Alien's monster strike,crush their base and find tinder.

Game Features:

--Crystal is energy jewels in the Galaxy,You can upgrade Fighter with it.
--More than 30 google achievements,contains Completed Training,Recruit Report, Catcher,The Messiah,Scavenger,Who else,First blood,Phoenix Nirvana,
Ares Possessed, Ghost Flurry,The Butcher,King of the War,Killing Machine,
Pot of Gold,Fabulously Wealthy,Only have Money,The king of the Air,
Ace Fighter Pilot,Legendary Pilot,Mechanical Apprentice,Extra cash,Team Energy,The Roar of God,
Metal Storm,Incarnation of Light,Guardian Angel,Singled Talent,Unstoppable
--More than 12 Boss:
Mechanical Warrior,Deathbringer,Flying Wings,Overlord of Starry Sky,Behemoth of Galaxy ,Mirage Fighter,Mech Hunter,Meteor Storm,Son of Starry Sky
,Base Fighter,Knight Rider,King of Universe.
--Support remove Advertisement with gold or crystal.
--3 modes: easy normal and hard.
--Props system:Power shield,unique skill,Wingman Support and more.
--Different Levels and Aircraft wait for you challenge and unlock.
--Support Daily Bonus
--Festival double bonus and surprised task,such as Christmas,New Year's Day,Thanks Giving Day,Halloween,Easter,April Fools' Day,Mother's Day,Valentine's Day and more.
--Support Google play high score leaderboard

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DOWNLOAD War Of Fighter:Storm Blitz - 1.11 / Android For Free

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