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The Hobbit war block games - B-9 / Android

DOWNLOAD The Hobbit war block games - B-9 / Android For Free
The Hobbit War Block Games is a thrilling action adventure FPS game that will leave you begging for more. Crush enemy clans, scout incredible perks and wield epic weapons all as you navigate the mediaeval maps of a terrorized realm. Completely addicting game play awaits you with your FREE download. The adventure of a lifetime starts here.

Welcome to the world of Blockcadia...

Blockadia is in a civil war, with two factions – the stalwart Blockadia dwarfs and the ancient evil that has long presided over the realm, with their deadly army of undefeatable demons at the helm of the battle. These two sides have warred for years, each vying for control of the region, but the scales are about to be tipped.

The depraved king of the mountains has fallen ill with a terrible sickness that has left him weak, but through it all he has managed to keep this bit of information secret from the dwarfs as he continues to rain down his own brand of punishment upon the cave dwellers.

You, a hobbit soldier from a distant, but oppressed village, learn of his ailments and sees a moment for opportunity to witness the ancient evils felled for good. As a single unit, you can invade the country without detection and plunge your sword into the proverbial breast of the evil that plagues the land.

While this expedition seems akin to a sacrificial slaughtering, your crafty maneuvers, uncanny ability to handle any weapon , and stark desire to survive will lend you vast advantages in enemy territory. It's your job to stay alive and bring reckoning to the demon underworld where total domination of the realms is never far away.

Beautiful but deadly landscapes to explore and dominate...

MAP ONE: Traverse the sprawling landscapes of the castle gardens as you meet enemy clans face-to-face in a death match survival arena. Collect and utilize as many pickups as you can manage for ferocious warriors are posed to strike around every corner.

MAP TWO: Dangerous obstacles and rapid, fast-paced action demand your presence in the forest arena where the dwarves have lost an important battle with the Ancients. It is up to you to ensure their deaths were not in vain and ensure every last villain you come in contact with is vanquished.

MAP THREE: The Grail Temple will stand as your final battle and an ultimate test of your will and skills. Here army barbarians defend the mighty fortress of the Ancients and will stop at nothing to ensure it is never breeched. Victory is at hand, but only if you can survive the trials ahead and not only survive this vast warzone, but conquer it from end to end.
The Hobbit War Block Games Features:

*Own the map with a variety of melee and firearms weapons
*Locate and utilize a selection of ammo, health, and speed pickups
*Choose weapons easily or opt for hand-to-hand combat
*Entity map with real-time aerial views of oncoming enemies
*As you progress enemies will increase and pickups will decrease
*Navigate three challenging levels:
? Castle Garden
? Forest Arena
? Grail Temple
**** DISCLAIMER ****

This extreme Worldcraft style game is not associated with Minecraft nor any of its skins, textures or characters. Instead, this game is an epic creation of magnificent proportions, all wrapped up in awesome cube-style graphics. Enjoy Block Man Commando when you download this FREE and completely addicting game!

DOWNLOAD The Hobbit war block games - B-9 / Android For Free

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