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Star Vector - 1.0.11 / Android

DOWNLOAD Star Vector - 1.0.11 / Android For Free
Fly against space pirates and aliens! Space combat game on the go!

Use your phone's tilt sensor to control space fighters and engage in dogfights against space pirates and aliens!

* Fun action-packed space combat game!
* Easy controls using accelerometer (tilt sensor)!
* Explore randomly generated universe!
* Progress through the levels to unlock more advanced spacecraft!
* Level up to earn more credits to fight against increasing enemy AI difficulty!
* Become an Ace pilot! See how you rank against your friends on Google Play Games!
* Progress saved online on Google Cloud and shared across multiple Android devices!
* MOGA controller support!

This app contains advertising and social sharing through Google Play Games. If you have any interest in sci-fi space combat, download Star Vector now and try it out, its FREE!

DOWNLOAD Star Vector - 1.0.11 / Android For Free

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