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Spaceman vs Aliens - 1.0 / Android

DOWNLOAD Spaceman vs Aliens - 1.0 / Android For Free
Spaceman vs Aliens is one of the most addictive strategy game, It is a very interesting game play the spaceman and alien are fighting on moon surface with massive backgrounds . You can control the player by touching left half screen and can use fire on fire button. Your mission is to collect treasure boxes and to kill alien and destroy their ships.
Game Features:
* Super-responsive touch controls makes game play more fast-paced and fluid.
* Collection of treasure boxes
* Interesting Hug action and music
* Full Score board support !
* A simple, addictive game for every type of player
* Easy controls
* Game Help

Enjoy this funny game that follows the theme of Plants, Aliens and Spacemen . Follow us facebook to know about the newest releases & more!

DOWNLOAD Spaceman vs Aliens - 1.0 / Android For Free

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