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Roly Poly Putt - 1.4.1 / Android

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Be The Ball!

Platforming meets mini-golf in this wacky physics-based 3D platformer. You control Roly Poly through a myriad of levels spanning diverse landscapes in a game of miniature golf…except YOU are the ball!

Maneuver around tight corners, jump over treacherous pits, zip through dark tunnels, and other obstacles by tilting your device to each side. Your goal is to get to the flag at the end of each level with as few strokes as possible, but don’t forget to collect as many sugar cubes along the way as you can!

* 38 unique and challenging holes to test your skill
* Loads of acquirable abilities to enhance your game
* Alternate costumes for Roly
* Google Play Games leaderboards and achievements. Challenge your friends!
* Great for both tablets and phones. Get the same experience on any device you own!
* 3 ways to play - touch controls, tilt-enabled play, or a mix of both!
* High-quality HD graphics
* Custom game soundtrack
* And more!
Save up those sugar cubes to buy cool new abilities, custom costumes, and other neat trinkets in the Upgrade Shack!

DOWNLOAD Roly Poly Putt - 1.4.1 / Android For Free

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