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Impossible Cube - DTRB - 1.2 / Android

DOWNLOAD Impossible Cube - DTRB - 1.2 / Android For Free
Impossible Cube - Don't Touch Red Boxes is amazing new action game and it's almost impossible hard!

WARNING: Highly addicting!!!

Your goal is to avoid all obstacles (red boxes and wall spikes) and jump and dance all around like crazy. This is just awesome game to test your brain reflex and your finger speed. You have to make your best when you try to avoid collision with a wall spikes and flying red boxes. Game is made with a real 2d physics and 2d geometry, so it's really fun to play. How long you can get your box flying around?

Game is build up with a beautiful clean and simple graphics and colors, with a white background, small boxes and dangerous wall spikes. Easy controls gives you great gaming experience and also easy learning curve, in no time you'll become a master to avoid walls and red boxes, because timing is everything.

Funny small cube falling down when you don't tap a screen. When you tap the screen your cube jump left or right, depending side of screen you tap. So, you must jumping and dancing all around and trying to avoid all obstacles. Remember you can't fall down to the floor or hit side walls or even touch on ceiling, because this crash your cube. Most important thing is avoid red boxes. So don't smash and break your happy tiny cube, because this make it's so sad.

Easy finger tap control - tap left (jump left) - tap right (jump right)

- amazing new game idea
- easy gameplay (tap control)
- beautiful graphics
- colorful bricks and tiles
- dangerous spikes and boxes
- fun and really addicting game
- this game makes you smile
- amazing and same time impossible game
- test your brain and finger speed
- real 2d physics and 2d geometry
- lot of tight and crazy moments

Challenge your friends now and spend some amazing moments with your buddies, just play and enjoy! So now it's time to jump and dance all around with your happy tiny cube!

DOWNLOAD Impossible Cube - DTRB - 1.2 / Android For Free

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